Why Pink Galoshes?

Like most innovative ideas, pinkG’s origins are humble.

For many brides, talking about rain on their wedding day is tantamount to heresy and it is something that photographers and wedding planners do only with great trepidation. Here I was with an urban, sophisticated NYC bride, about to speak the unthinkable word. I said, “You know, we really should make some plans in case the predicted rains come in.” To my surprise her face lit up and she beamed. Her response (and I quote) was, “Oh don’t you worry. I just bought the most fabulous pair of Pink Galoshes!”

I was stunned and bemused. Here was a woman who was able to take what many brides would find tragic and turn it into a hip fashionable expression of her femininity. She was exactly the type of client that I (and my friends within the wedding industry) were trying to meet.

Thinking more about it, I realized that she was not alone. The vast majority of my brides were of a similar mindset. These weren’t the famed bridezillas I had heard of but honestly had never met or worked with. These were women who were damn sure they were going to have an amazing day. If their mother was in their hair, well they would seat a talkative family friend right next to mom to keep her occupied. If the DJ played the wrong first dance for the father-daughter dance, they would stumble through a swing and laugh about it the next day. They were unshakable.

Then I realized, there wasn’t a place on the Internet catering to these bride’s sensibilities. A place that was pre-screened with informative, helpful, inspiring advice without fluff. A vision of wedding days not drawn from industry mags with an insular view, but with relevance to their own lives. A website driven by simple values of authenticity, effortlessness, and sophistication.

Thus the idea was formed and here we arrived:

Pink Galoshes - Irreverent Hip Tips for the Slightly Naughty Bride.

Pink Galoshes - for all the brides who respond to turmoil or stress by turning it around.

Irreverent - because we make decisions based not on what we are told, but what we think.

Hip - just cuz weddings should be cool.

Slightly Naughty - because for a least a few moments of your day you should be getting away with something you shouldn’t.

We hope you enjoy reading our ideas and find help from those people we recommend to you.


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  1. Jessica Lynn December 10th, 2008

    love the reasoning, and the story, behind the name! how darling!

  2. christine@wishpot January 16th, 2009

    Awesome story and your blog just rocks. I’d like to invite you to a wedding expert on Wishpot. It’s free. http://www.wishpot.com/weddings/ Please let me know if you are interested. Again great job. christine@wishpot.com

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