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Pink Galoshes is not your typical blog. pinkG is a web-space that connects the most discerning brides with the hippest advice on all aspects of their wedding planning. pinkG is densely packed with savvy and discerning critiques of topics as diverse as types of tequila to ideas on incorporating famous artist’s color palettes. pinkG unites brides with fashion designers, chefs, graphic designers, and artists both inside and outside the wedding industry. Far more than individual critiques, Pink Galoshes weaves these disparate narratives into a cohesive whole that sheds light on the thematic and inspirational process of planning. Pink Galoshes encourages multiple ways to access and peruse our rich content. If you are looking for wedding day help, click directly to our “pinkG recommends” link. There you will find that we have chosen only our closest friends and those we most admire. It is a circle of trust with you at the center. In short, these are the people and artists that we would and do trust with our own special events.

If you are looking for information about a specific item (e.g. Elderflower liqueur, anemones, or hand-rolled cigars), go directly to our page of broad topics and narrow down accordingly. Or better yet, click on any tidbit review and see how an item as obscure as Black Sea Salt can be integrated in a way that ties a margarita station to scallops and ultimately to a table decoration. Pink Galoshes is principally a place for stylized and sophisticated inspiration.

Pink Galoshes is not bound by industry rules, social norms, or any other silly concerns. Instead, Pink Galoshes is the only place to find such a wealth of ideas that can be integrated into your wedding in a way that conveys significance and a general joie de vivre. To this end, we don’t think anyone will ever implement all the ideas in the way we propose, but we write about them in the hopes that these sometimes outlandish ideas will free your imagination to think about weddings in radical new ways. Browse. Imagine. Enjoy!


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