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The Shoe That Launched a Million Swoons…

Gentlemen take note: Never underestimate the impact of a fabulous shoe on a woman’s look – and attitude! It is no surprise that Manolo Blahnik’s Metallic d’Orsay is a must-have for every fashionable woman. Created in the 19th century by a French shoemaker and still among the most classic and aesthetically pleasing footwear ever made, the d’Orsay is any shoe with a cutaway instep which reveals the arch of the foot. Manolo Blahnik refines this vision with the beautifully constructed, simple yet alluring version of the d’Orsays.

Thanks to the well-deserved popularity of Sex and the City, Manolos are rarely mentioned without Carrie Bradshaw’s name coming up. A staple in Carrie’s closet and featured regularly throughout the series, it was her beloved pair of silver metallic d’Orsay pumps that were stolen during a baby shower in one if the show’s classic episodes. Understandably, these shoes were her prized possession and, to make matters worse, she had only worn them once.

The d’Orsay offers elegant grace rather than the overly ornate embellishments of other styles, allowing the woman to wear the shoe rather than the shoe wearing the woman. Manolo’s selection of bronze, gold, and silver metallics provide a perfect shoe for any chic ensemble. The gold open-toed pump, entitled Totom, radiates sophistication with its ruched vamp and citrine accent jewel. Pair these stunners with a pale pink pedicure to heighten their impact, or go bolder with bright pink or coral polish. In addition to metallics, Manolo Blahnik d’Orsays come in a variety of bright hues, patterns such as camouflage and leopard print, and stylistic modifications as in their ankle-wraps and Mary Janes. With choices to complement any woman’s personal style, everyone should be so lucky as to walk a mile in Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes!

Move over Carrie….

Go window shopping for d’Orsays or take a look at even more Manolo Blahniks to start your wish list. Check out Carrie’s Mary Janes to share her enthusiasm.


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