Wedding Gloves

Is there still a faint childhood echo of your mother’s voice reminding you to wear your gloves? Gloves are as timeless as they are sophisticated. They are on one hand formal and classic, yet on a modern bride they can be unexpected and chic.

Throughout history gloves served as emblems of status and power. They were used on ceremonial occasions in medieval times and given as tokens of affection by a lady to her suitor. Queen Elizabeth I is said to have owned more than 2000 pairs (a bit much by our standards). Fashionable 19th-century women were never seen in public without their gloves or fingerless mitts, and the decades to follow would bring gloves of every texture, length, and color. Style icons Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn made them popular again.

The short glove is appropriate for informal and semi-formal weddings; the hemline ends within two inches of the wrist, showcasing dainty wrists and complementing a shorter dress or long-sleeved gown with charm. Elbow gloves, which end immediately below the elbow and usually have about ten buttons, work well with short-sleeved dresses and gowns with straps. Opera gloves are the most regal and formal variety and look breathtaking with strapless gowns. They feature 16 buttons and extend to the upper part of the bicep. In centuries past it was customary for a gentleman, upon his engagement, to present his future wife with a pair of these gloves to be worn at the wedding. With the glove stretchers, powder, button-hooks, and nimble fingers needed, getting into them could become quite the production. While today’s bride may still require an extra set of hands in the dressing room, opera gloves remain a most elegant accessory.

Gloves are available in a multitude of fabrics and leathers, making them suitable for any style of wedding gown. As a general rule the longer the sleeve, the shorter the glove, but in these changing times flexibility is fine. An elaborately adorned gown will look wonderful with a simple glove, whereas a simpler dress or silk sheath can greatly benefit from a pair of embroidered or ornately-adorned gloves.

Embrace this old trend and make it current by fitting it into the style of the wedding. Gloves are romantic and fashionable, so….don’t forget your gloves!

With an eye on style….
Jacqueline Kennedy certainly knew the value of a pair of gloves.


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