Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Overview

Of all the tasks that comprise the wedding planning “to do” list, probably the most daunting is the selection of your wedding dress.  After all, you are the focal point of the day.  Your groom will be handsome, svelte, and appropriate, but your dress will say so much - about you and about the mood of the celebration.  Formal or casual, floor length or knee length, elegant or sassy, it’s all about you!  So approach the search for the “right dress” as a wonderful adventure not a frightening endeavor.  Explore and enjoy.

The vocabulary is central.  Knowing the language of the industry will add to your comfort level and enhance the process.  First consider silhouette options and then look to the designers for ideas.  After you have an idea of styles that are familiar and flattering or daring and adventuresome, think about fabric. That’s another whole world to explore.


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