Wedding Cake - Traditional, Cupcakes, or Croquembouche

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It’s not just a table decoration any more! Central to your decorating theme and a dominant part of the reception decor, this dessert deserves time, thought, and tastings.

The tradition of wedding cake dates back to the Roman Empire when loaf of barley bread was served. The groom would eat a piece and then break the remaining loaf over his new bride’s head to signify fruitfulness

and good fortune. In Medieval times guests would stack small cakes or sweet buns in a large pile in front of the bride and groom. The couple would attempt to kiss over the pile of sweets and, if successful, there would be many children in their future. Cakes used as a fertility indicator, fascinating.

Happily we have moved on from grain and bludgeoning. Now the focus is on delicious as well as beautiful. Be sure the baker you choose is actually a trained chef. Those whimsical designs may look fabulous, but they should taste just as good as they look, so it’s a good idea to sample cakes as you interview bakers. Try to find an organic baker who uses local ingredients as well. Cake filling can complement the season. Think blueberry or cherry in the summer and rich hazelnut cream in the fall.

Today modern brides are breaking free from many of the traditions. Cakes range in colors from white to bright pink to turquoise and even black. Cupcakes have become another popular dessert for guests in place of the more traditional tiered cakes and allow for a fun variety of color. Consider the French confection,croquembouche, which is a high cone of profiteroles bound with caramel, decorated with ribbons, flowers, sugared almonds, and even chocolate. It is as visually stunning as tiered cakes.

Wedding cakes carry a deep sense of significance and play a central part in the reception events. Make it unique and be sure it is delicious. After all, a year from now it should still taste good.

Just a small piece for me, thanks…..

Take a look at just how festive and elegant a croquembouche might be!


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