Wedding Bagpipes

Weddings can be divided into two camps. Those who embrace bagpipes, the strains of the pipes, the regalia of the uniform, the historical significance… And those who see a grown man in a dress blowing into animal skin. So we’ll keep this post short. Little we say will change your mind. It’s a vanilla or chocolate thing. Personally we dig them. Because…

Bagpipes set a mood. They are a timeless and classic addition to a wedding, especially if the bride or groom is of Scottish or Irish descent. Guests will be delighted by the unexpectedness and thrilled by the sound. The grandeur of

a traditional bagpiper is a regal and impressive addition.

The bagpiper could announce the arrival and entrance of the bridal party. They can lead the wedding party and guests as they walk to the reception. While the guests are idling about outside the ceremony location waiting for the bride and groom to make their grand exit, why not entertain them with the melodies of bagpipes? Enchanted by the attire, bagpipers are sure to keep children occupied and intrigued.

Bagpipes sound best when echoing through the woods or across the hills. They are both a shock and a surprise when first heard. But remember, indoors and bagpipes just don’t mix.

So for those who love that unique sound, bagpipers add a touch of pomp and circumstance. They are festive and full of character and heritage. If nothing else, think what fun your guests will have speculating on what lies under that kilt.

On the fence?
Why not take a moment and listen to bagpipes in a parade.


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  1. Erica December 30th, 2008

    A friend of mine surprised her husband with a bagpiper on the steps of the church as they walked out as a newly-married couple. He was thrilled!

  2. Adrienne December 31st, 2008

    What a cool idea! Love that photo!

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