Vivienne Westwood-Carrie Bradshaw’s Wedding Designer

Vivienne Westwood does not immediately come to mind when one thinks bridal. But thanks to a little art-house movie you may have seen (you know, the one where Carrie gets married?) a Westwood inspired gown is suddenly all the rage. A Westwood creation can be summed up as punk rocker meets Victorian lady. Provocative, full of volume, daring, and insanely original. These creations are not for the faint of heart.

Carrie Bradshaw’s ill-fated attempt at a big wedding was almost overshadowed by her gown. Whether you

either loved it or hated it, it put Westwood’s bridal couture on the map. Westwood is a trailblazer and a revolutionary. Known for pushing boundaries, a design by Westwood is for the truly independent, extremely passionate fashion lover. Her unique craftsmanship and avant garde styles are superb.

Westwood’s ready-to-wear line launched in 1981, full of edge and hard rock sensibilities. Classic Westwood pieces feature ripped hems, torn seams, totally Seville Row with an edge. Her fashion senses are deeply connected with rocker chic. She used to dress the Sex Pistols, need we say more? Like a strong steed, it takes a bold woman to tame it and make it her own.

These gowns are bridal couture in the highest sense, inducing gasps as the bride struts down the aisle. Layers of sumptuous fabrics, cascading tulle, and bold colors are all themes evident in her designs. Her gowns are elaborate and highly customized pieces that are unlike any others on the market. Use of bold colors–purples, reds, yellows, and stripes–may not be for a traditional bride, but that does not mean they don’t work. Imagination is key when choosing a Westwood . At times these gowns evoke theatrical costumes for they have a true stage presence. And really–though your love for your guy is real–isn’t a big part of your wedding an elaborate stage production?

The movie may be a year old, but if the iconic Carrie gown still catches your fancy, head to a Westwood boutique and look for another lavish frock to suit your bridal wishes.

In case your memory needs a nudge….

Here’s the famous dress and the Westwood website as well as a youtube of Westwood in Paris .

Photo Credit: Vivienne Westwood


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