Thoughts on Wedding Dress Fabric - Tulle & Charmeuse

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This has nothing to do with “wash warm, tumble dry low.”

The sky is the limit and the choices are many. Fabric sets the tone and influences the style of that magnificently important garment…the wedding gown.  Here are a couple choices to ponder:


Think tutus, think light and airy. Managing to blend our love of ballet costuming with high fashion, tulle reflects girlish charm coupled with stylish grace.

It is made from a tiny, meshed net of silk, cotton, or synthetic fabric. Usually found in

layers, it is often draped over other fabrics such as satin or silk. It creates an airy feeling, sweet yet full of flair. Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier both have wonderfully constructed creations that incorporate this fabric.

Tulle is most commonly used as the fabric for veils. So, if your gown does not incorporate tulle, there is still a way to use it on your wedding day. There is nothing more stunning than a bride bathed in a sea of tulle as she walks down the aisle. In addition to veils and gowns, tulle also has many uses within the wedding world. Decoration! Yes, it is just that multipurpose and just that fabulous.


We adore this light-weight, semi-lustrous fabric. Extremely soft and very silky to the touch, it feels heavenly when worn. Made from silk or a synthetic blend, like polyester, it has a slight sheen and is a very delicate fabric to construct with.

Charmeuse is much lighter than satin and feels a bit more luxurious. The fabric tends to cling and drape against the body so it is usually used for more form fitting silhouettes. Tank gowns and sheaths would benefit best. Charmeuse is definitely used to create a more sensual look. Lingerie is often made from this silky fabric, so why not considerit for a bridal trousseau as well.

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