Thoughts on Wedding Dress Fabric - Part 3 - Chiffon and Brocade

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Chiffon — think ballerina, elegance, grace. No wonder so many bridal gowns are constructed of this fabric for it is truly a bridal dream come true. Chiffon is a delicate, sheer, transparent fabric that is usually made of silk or rayon. It is wonderfully light and perfect for romantic style dresses, whether dressy or informal. Most commonly used in evening wear, this fabric is chic and full of flair. It gives a floating appearance to many gowns and when used as an overlay, it instantly creates an airy feeling. The way the fabric moves with the wearer is just stunning. Chiffon helps create feminine folds, creating a very romantic feel that is soft to the touch.

Carolina Herrera’s use of the fabric is exquisite. Her use of romantic ruffles

in some designs lends beautifully to the dreamy nature and texture of chiffon. A bride will feel and look fabulous when dressed in this fabric.


Amazingly rich and extremely textured–brocade is a truly a bold fabric choice, definitely not for the shy. Brocade is a jacquard woven fabric with a raised design. It comes from the Italian word “broccato” which means embossed cloth. Very lush and very regal, it is most suitable for formal affairs. It is a classic choice, and we like how it reflects Renaissance and medieval imagery. Tapestries often come to mind when we think of this fabric.

Brocade is usually characterized by a satin weave background, which uses one or more fillings to create a design motif. We are smitten with this particular fabric when gold and silver threads are used. Due to its heavy nature, brocade is best for colder climates and winter affairs. A little goes a long way with this fabric. For a bride who wishes to wear a short gown, brocade could be a fun twist. A strapless, short dress constructed from this heavy fabric is truly a statement.

Brocade is wonderfully rich with a vintage feel. If this fabric does not fit your bridal gown sensibilities, consider it for your bridesmaids dresses. It is truly stunning and a unique fabric choice.


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