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Everything from coffee to crocheting to squash in celebration of life…..what a great idea for a blog. That’s how LIFE Unscripted is beginning and we are really excited about it. Kate obviously enjoys the simple pleasures, the ones that keep us well rooted and appreciative of the world around us. Her post on “coffee with friends” rings so true, reminds us of shared moments that were unfettered by expense, location, and preparation. Time well-shared with those we care about.

Whether laughing at herself as she attempts to learn to crochet, or sharing a scrumptious

Thanksgiving worthy acorn squash recipe (even with pictures…thank you!), LIFE Unscripted combines the humble with the confident, the happy adventurer and the skilled craftsman. The first post even gave us clues of things to come. (See above.) Look out Sherlock!

“Feeling alive,” the theme for the first week, was presented in an eclectic range of topics. We are looking forward to what the future will bring in LIFE Unscripted….but for now we are meeting friends for coffee.


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  1. Katelin Gallagher LIFEunscripted November 9th, 2009

    Pink Galoshes is most cool. xoxo

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