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The joy of wedding planning on the internet is that it is a patchwork quilt of interlocking sites, each with slightly different sensibilities. Occasionally you find a gem. That’s how we felt when we first came upon Something Borrowed, Something Blogged.

Something Borrowed, Something Blogged is the brainchild of Christine Viola. Christine, founder of Exquisite Affairs Productions-her events planning company, blogs about her own weddings as well as other relevant wedding information.

We could go on and on about her planning, the fact that she has grown in a tough and competitive NYC market to a staff of four, that they cover everything from DOC consultation to helping you plan an elaborate getaway wedding, but this isn’t the place for that. Rather let’s focus on the info she’s willing to provide to you just for the sake of helping out.

First things first, she has a great list of wedding vendors (photographer names like Agaton Strom, Angelica Glass, and Gulnara are sure to turn heads). It’s important to remember that her experience with handling a large number of weddings ensures that her recommendations should be taken seriously. From our perspective, the names we know, we like. That’s a good sign.

The blog has weekly beauty tips and regularly posts on fashion and style, drawing inspiration from iconic celebrities such as Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Carolyn Bassett Kennedy, and even Jessica Simpson. Her Friday link ups are a real treat as she features links to other blogs, fun design schemes, and other wedding details. Christine also blogs extensively about her own weddings in and around New York City. Interested in a venue? Look no further, she probably has photos of it. Florists? They have them covered as well. There are ideas for favors and reception decor as well as simple DIY projects. They make it look easy, so even the most craft inept can find inspiration here. A recent post on chalkboard paint shows the multitude of ways to incorporate this design element within many aspects of your wedding. Napkin rings, votives, and place card tables can and will be elevated with this nifty DIY trick.

The blog’s vendor spotlights appears to be a new section of the blog, so we are excited to see what other vendors will be showcased. This definitely will keep you coming back for more. Guidelines is another great category to peruse. Posts such as biggest bridal regrets, information on venues, and of course budget, tipping, and other important but rarely discussed money topics are included. Their insider tips, based on extensive experience in the industry also offers ideas on how to cut budgetary corners and payment information.

Trust us, this blog will keep you occupied for hours!

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Now take a look for yourself!  Something Borrowed, Something Blogged


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  2. Rottriet May 5th, 2009

    nice! i’m gonna make my own blog

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