So Many Florists, So Little Time - The Quest for the Perfect Wedding Flowers

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Choosing a florist is like choosing a good therapist. Look for great listening skills, mutual respect, and above all the ability to offer guidance. That may seem a bit overwhelming, but there are many good florists out there and it often takes a bit of trial and error to find that special one. Sort of like finding a mate as well, no? A good florist will spend time getting to know all the details, making it part of their job to ask the most mundane of questions as well as the

most thought-provoking. The initial meeting should make one feel at ease and bursting with ideas.

Flowers are important to the overall look and feel of any event, whether it be a lavish wedding or a simple at-home affair. Try to have all important decisions made before shopping for a florist. Honestly, no florist is going to be helpful if the key components for the event are not all there. Make sure the venue is booked, the date falls within a manageable season, the dress is bought, and the bridesmaids are outfitted. These details will make the florist’s job much easier and will ensure their respect. Much like a puzzle, each element of a wedding is built upon everything else.

Always have a clear vision of what the style of the event will be. While many florists are fantastic at coming up with innovative ideas, they are not mind readers. Is the style bohemian, modern, classic? What is the venue like? Is it a loft space, a mansion, a tent, a ballroom? One should know from the get-go in order to choose flowers that will fit within the setting. Also, make sure to see a broad range of design options that appeal to individual sensibilities. No one should have to settle for a variation of the ten events prior. Vision should be clear and unique.

Remember flowers are seasonal. If the heart and vision is set on peonies, please schedule the event in the spring and summer when they are in full bloom. If earthy and amber-hued colors are a central part of the scheme, don’t pick the summer when brights are the best choice – go for a fall affair.

After meeting with several florists (which is highly recommended), think back to how they greeted you and how the person spoke about their other brides. If they don’t seem enthusiastic, walk away – and fast. The florist should make the client feel like the only person in the room. Make sure you like the person. If they are overbearing, say goodbye. Brides should feel comfortable enough to allow the florist to take hold of the reigns a bit, for sometimes they can design brilliant and unique pieces, things one never would have imagined or expected. Above all, the florist should be fun, hip, and energetic, someone who can capture both youthful playfulness as well as enchanting elegance.

Relax, that one true florist is out there!


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