Sign My Choo - Thoughts on Wedding Traditions

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Nuptials are steeped in rituals and customs, many of which originated centuries ago when weddings were perceived as tumultuous times when the bride and groom were susceptible to bad luck and evil spirits. Traditions evolved to protect the couple and assure happiness and good luck as they began their new life together.

While several have become a bit played out or seem out of date, many charming traditions have stood the test of time and should be considered when planning the event. Make sure to explore beyond your own backyard – looking to different cultures can open the door to fresh and exciting customs that will make the

event that much more special and memorable. Irish brides place lavender in their bouquets to bring good luck, while the Scots suggest that the bride walk in the sun to obtain marital happiness and good luck. In Germany, strolling down an aisle strewn with evergreen is said to beget fidelity.

Certain cultural practices can even add a personal touch to your day, such as the Turkish custom of signing the bridal shoes. Before the ceremony, the single bridesmaids and unmarried female friends and relatives sign the soles of the bride’s shoes. The legend is it that the name which has faded the most by the end of the evening will be the next to marry. Much more discreet than the bouquet toss, this tradition creates a sweet and intimate moment between the bride and her closest friends.

Now, beautiful (and expensive) shoes are typically not allowed to get anywhere near a permanent marker, but there is always an exception to the rule. This memory will last long after the reception ends…and it’s a fun way to bond with the bridesmaids!

So pass around that Choo – or shoe, rather. There’s no reason to shy away from customs; instead, be distinctive by finding one that feels special and pulling it off with style.


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  1. bridal girl July 31st, 2009

    That would really be a great celebration of culture and style. And as what you have said, a greatway ro spend time with your bridesmaids.

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