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Pink Galoshes Photo has deep roots in photojournalism. John is a working photojournalist who has traveled five continents, photographing stories as diverse as the Karen Rebellion in Burma, Buddhist healing ceremonies in Cambodia, the life of Berbers in Morocco, and the role of Sri Lankan UN peace keepers in Haiti.

But his photographic achievements don’t stop there. He was ranked the 11th best photographer in the world by the Wedding Photojournalist Association ( ). His wedding images have appeared in Southern New England Weddings Magazine, The Knot Online Magazine Boston, Boston Brides, La Bella Bride,, and Gala Wedding Magazine. To top it off, in Spring 2009, a 4 page spread of his work will appear in Modern Bride.

John’s vision for the wedding day is ever expanding. Recently, his focus has been drawing on influences from a very particular subset of fashion photography. Drawing on his work with models and fashion designers in NYC, portraits of actors, and of course his work with past wedding clients, his new work is fun, carefree and downright sultry. To better do this he has started spending on average two hours before the weeding shooting these fashionable portraits for those brides who wish to augment his traditional photojournalistic coverage with this trendy, chic, and sophisticated edge.

His passion for assisting his clients in getting the most from their wedding day inspired him to create

Though he is based out of NYC, this past year alone he has photographed weddings from places as far flung as the la Finice in Venice Italy, Port Au Prince in Haiti, the Ritz Carlton Battery Park in NYC, and a private hideaway in Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. He regularly travels over 300 miles to photograph both elaborate ceremonies and quiet remote retreats.

He finds it a little strange to be interviewed for his own website, so he’d like to leave it at that…

His wedding images can be found at Pink Galoshes Photography


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  1. Anne Butler December 2nd, 2008

    What a beautiful website! I love the images and the concept behind everything. Truly trendsetting and inspiring!

  2. Gary Werkowski December 5th, 2008

    Spectacular photos coupled with some brilliant ideas. Loved the libations features. Superb!!.Hoping you the best with this venture!

  3. admin December 9th, 2008

    Thanks Anne and Gary!

    We love your support!

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