Panama Hats at El Galpón on Calle del Cristo, San Juan,PR

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Step into El Galpon and marvel at the offerings: a plethora of Puerto Rican cigars, locally made wooden carvings known as Santos, and the best made Panama hats in town.

These “Panama” hats are made in Puerto Rico and you would be hard pressed to find a local who does not own one. Panama Hats, known as the prince of the straw hat, are seen as accessories to linen suits and seem to make even the most under-dressed seem rather dapper. Not just for the gentlemen, they stylishly accent a little Calypso sundress while keeping the hot, Caribbean sun at bay!

Around the turn of the century, Panamas became associated with the tropical locales of the Caribbean. They are preferred because they are light colored, light weight, and above all breathable. A well made hat is an investment

and will serve you for years. The best way to gauge the quality of the hat is to count the number of weaves per square inch. The range can be from fewer than 100, while the rarest and most expensive hats can have as many as 1600-2000 weaves per inch, retailing for as much as $1,000. Be sure to look at all the hats at El Galpón where you will find a wide range of quality and price. El Galpón is not commercialized, thus buying a hat from there makes it feel as if you are truly taking part in a bespoke experience. The shop owner will even ship them home for you avoiding the airport security hassle, but why not wear it while you enjoy the island? As they say….”When in Rome……”

Be sure to visit:
El Galpón, 154 Calle del Cristo, San Juan


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