Agent Provocateur - Not Your Mother’s Lingerie

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Provocative For Sure!

The definition of an “agent provocateur” is a person employed by the police to work undercover and provoke another person to commit an illicit act. How cheeky! Knowing this, what a wonderfully unique and thought-provoking moniker it is for a lingerie line. Pink Galoshes is not implying that the wearing of this lingerie will result in illegal activities, but it is still part of the thrill and allure of it. The hidden beauty of what is underneath, that is all that matters.

Sensuality redefined. This renowned UK lingerie shop has made quite a splash in the United States. Founded by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees, Agent Provocateur hoped to introduce a line of lingerie that avoided the rational British prudery that deems anything sexy as sleazy. With this goal in mind, a high-quality line able to enchant wearers and their partners was born. From sophisticated lace bras to

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Thoughts on Wedding Dress Fabric - Part 2 - Shantung & Taffeta

Photo by Gulnara Studio


Shantung is often overlooked as a fabric for bridal gowns. Most of us know it as a common material used for bridesmaids dresses because it looks beautiful when dyed in many bright, bold colors. But it is a stunning choice for a bride who is looking for something a bit different and a touch more simple.

It is a heavy fabric made from plain woven silk or cotton and possesses a rougher texture. Shantung is a simple plain weave design with a slight ribbed effect. Yarns used in the wrap of the material cause some of the weave to appear raised. And while it may be slightly rough to the touch,it is very comfortable and drapes nicely. It is an ideal fabric for cooler weather, so spring and autumn brides should look to shantung as a possible fabric choice. A-line styles in ivory hues are particularly lovely in this material. We just adore the crisp texture, slightly bold and totally refreshing.


Most of us remember wearing party dresses made from this material while growing up. Taffeta conjures up images of birthday parties, pink dresses, and white patent leather shoes. Read more


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It’s a Shoe Thing - Thoughts on Footwear for the Wedding Day

Photo by Pink Galoshes Photography

Shoes can truly make or break an outfit.

From snazzy designer kicks to bargain bin impulse buys, they fill up endless space in the closet, taunting us from their neatly stacked boxes and begging to be worn. The best shoes are ones that evoke feeling when worn or even glimpsed from above. Footwear speaks volumes about a person, so make sure you are sending out the desired signal. Do you prefer flats? Are you more comfortable in sneakers? Do you wear only high heels? All these factors are quite telling, and since all women notice other womens shoes, be certain that you are representing yourself properly.

Choosing what pair to wear underneath the wedding gown is a difficult, special, and highly personal decision. Only a few people may even get to see what is on the bride’s feet, so in a way it can be a bit of a secret that may

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