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Between the heat styling, hard water, shampoo build-up, sun damage, and breakage from elastic bands, let’s face it – hair gets abused. What better reason than your wedding day to change all that and make beautiful locks a priority? Shiny, full-bodied, lustrous hair is an essential addition to the checklists and countdowns that every bride maintains, and with some simple changes to the daily routine, one can easily achieve this in time for the big day.

Where to start? Begin with product loyalty, choosing a shampoo and conditioner

that are specific to your hair qualities and then sticking with them. Is your hair fine and lacking in volume? Use a shampoo and matching conditioner that are formulated for that. For dry hair, make sure your shampoo is moisturizing and avoid daily washes. Try using a dry shampoo to create instant freshness and add body and texture! Also, consider your signature looks and select a single styling product to use for all of them, since applying multiple layers of different products creates a dull finish.

Six months out, start deep-conditioning your hair, especially if a summer under the sun precedes your walk down the aisle. For those expecting even more sun damage leading up to the nuptials, applying a heat-protecting oil or SPF spray made specifically for hair will make a huge difference. Also, begin using a hair mask twice a month to dramatically improve the hair’s texture and strength. Be sure to get your hair trimmed at least every six weeks. This will eliminate split ends and make your hair that much more polished on the wedding day. If this is too much to handle for the long term, try to begin this habit at least two or three months out. Make sure to condition and keep heat styling to a minimum.

This is also the time to commit to your wedding day hairstylist. It is often best to go with the person you trust and depend on, since this is one relationship that should be comfortable and stress-free. After all, hairstylists often take on the role of confidante, so what could be better than to have them there on your wedding day? They know your hair and, best of all, they know you.

Above all, remember to work with what you have. Sometimes curly hair is not meant to be straightened, nor dark hair meant to be bleached. Think about how you want to look in your photographs. You still want to look like yourself, not a different version. By learning how to use your products effectively, the perfect hairstyle can be created from what is already there. The least sexy thing a bride can do on her wedding day – or any of the events leading up to that day – is have an overabundance of product in her hair. You want your guy to be able to run his fingers through your hair, not get tangles in crunchy, overly-styled locks.

Sure, your hair will be twisted and coiffed, put up and let down, but having healthy, shiny, bouncy hair will be an advantage. Your hairstyle will polish and complete your wedding day look, so be kind to it leading up to the big day. And who knows…your new routines may just stick, leaving you with healthy, beautiful hair long after the cake has been cut and your Louboutins have been kicked off.


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