Lela Rose Party Frock to Wedding Gown Designer

Take your favorite party frock and magically transform it into a luxurious refined wedding gown, that’s a Lela Rose. Her gowns are one part girl-next-door, one part glamorous sophisticate, blending a girly nature with a chic sense of sophistication. No wonder we are enamored with her designs.

A native of Texas, now based in New York City, Rose’s southern sensibilities blend seamlessly with her urban aesthetic. She launched her collection of cocktail frocks from her own apartment in 1996. Ten years later, seeing fashionable women responding so well to her line, she created a bridal collection that marries

her use of unconventional fabrics and trademark techniques. A Lela Rose is an investment, one that guarantees compliments.

Lace overlays, elegant jewels, embroidered appliques, and satin ribbons are some of the sweet touches she adds to her lean silhouettes. Her gowns are ornate yet subtle, both flattering and tasteful. Her true skill lies in a keen ability to juxtapose fabrics in unusual and original ways. Imagine the combination of terry cloth and lace - totally uncommon, but so right. Beautifully embellished fabrics are the core foundation to her bridal collection. Embroidery, piping, beading, and other trimmings are used only sparingly, making them particularly eye catching. Lela Rose offers casual luxury and refinement, appealing to brides who appreciate understated glamour.

Rose is a young designer with a clear vision of her own style. She knows how she wants her clients to look and feel and is keenly aware of what makes a woman feel sexy. Her strength is in her ability to design with youthful elegance in mind. Her designs are classic with a twist. Just how we like our cocktails! Wearing a Lela Rose creation on your wedding day will blend an aesthetic that is frilly, chic, and insanely sexy, and that is a rare thing.

A Rose by any other name……
Take a look at her complete website or just grab a wedding bouquet worth.

Photo Credit:Lela Rose


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  1. Neil Cowley March 11th, 2009

    I love the pink tints, but a pufball on the breasts? What’s up with that!!

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