Laird’s Applejack

Don’t think apple juice. Laird’s Applejack is so much more! It packs a wallop of flavor and is a far cry from French apple brandies like Calvados. Smooth and textured, Applejack has a deeply nuanced flavor stemming from its low (35%) alcohol content. The richly colored amber liquor is a perfect choice for fall and winter.
Deeply rooted in American history, this patriotic alcohol is produced by America’s oldest distillery, Laird & Co. of New Jersey. The crisp, fragrant apple beverage was George Washington’s drink of choice and heavily favored by the colonials. The early colonists were wary of the local water and turned to drinks like Applejack instead. Who could blame them?

Applejack has been a bar staple for years. The Jack Rose, a standard Jazz Age cocktail, is a classic. Mix 1oz. fresh lemon juice, ½oz. grenadine, 2oz. Applejack, and a dash of egg white—shake well, and pour into a frosty art deco designed martini glass. This will have you scatting in no time.

Want a current spin on this classic libation? Make the Jersey Girl—1 ½oz. Applejack, 1oz. Cointreau, ½oz. fresh lime juice, and 2 dashes cranberry juice. Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with a twist. Delicious!
Really now….who can blame Adam?

When it’s time to give it a try….

Lisa Laird Dunn is active in the Laird family business.  She is attempting to get Applejack “out there” for a new aficionados.  An Applejack cocktail is an easy way to try this fun libation.  Once you have opened that bottle, well the Laird’s Applejack website is perfect for the truly adventuresome with everything from Applejack appetizers to Applejack pound cake!


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