It’s a Shoe Thing - Thoughts on Footwear for the Wedding Day

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Shoes can truly make or break an outfit.

From snazzy designer kicks to bargain bin impulse buys, they fill up endless space in the closet, taunting us from their neatly stacked boxes and begging to be worn. The best shoes are ones that evoke feeling when worn or even glimpsed from above. Footwear speaks volumes about a person, so make sure you are sending out the desired signal. Do you prefer flats? Are you more comfortable in sneakers? Do you wear only high heels? All these factors are quite telling, and since all women notice other womens shoes, be certain that you are representing yourself properly.

Choosing what pair to wear underneath the wedding gown is a difficult, special, and highly personal decision. Only a few people may even get to see what is on the bride’s feet, so in a way it can be a bit of a secret that may

or may not be revealed. Nonetheless, the bride will always know.

The dress evokes many feelings, for it is symbolic, extravagant, and worn for only one day. The shoes, on the other hand, can last forever and may be worn countless times afterward. One should not feel guilty when investing in a good pair of “non-bridal” shoes. Non-bridal shoes are any that are in a bold color, boast an exotic pattern, or are metallic – the new neutral. So naturally, it is okay to love the shoes, especially if they are a little piece of the wedding that can live on beyond the big day.

It is perfectly normal to be excited by them, perhaps even more so than by the dress. That may sound crazy but it can happen, so never feel guilty about it. The dress is fraught with emotion and expectation, often purchased months prior to the wedding – the exact shape or details may even be forgotten until it is seen again for the final fitting. Shoes, on the other hand, are always there. They are the personal piece that is truly only the bride’s.

And a savvy tip: If feet start hurting and the heels are too high, please go barefoot, or invest in some real ballet slippers such as one of the sweet pairs by Capezio. They can ease the pain while still feeling glamorous and light. Leave the flip flops for the honeymoon.

Plain and simple, high heels are sexy. They can make a woman feel special and even a bit fearless. Heels have been part of the culture forever. A wonderful image worth mentioning is Manet’s painting “Olympia” in which a “real” woman is lying on a couch with nothing on but a pair of high heels. That image alone is the embodiment of what a pair of shoes can convey.

Loving the shoes is normal, so be original and pick a pair that really speaks to you. High or low, sexy or comfortable, all will work as long as they look and feel fantastic. And remember, wear them again and do not feel badly about loving them just a bit more than the dress.


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  1. Becca September 28th, 2009

    Love this post! :-)

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