Imperia Vodka

Crisp, clean, and luscious.  Imperia is a pure and elegant vodka made from a 19th century recipe decreed by Czar Alexander III.  When sipped straight, Imperia has less bite than other vodkas. Tasting more like  crisp, clean water than “gasoline-y” vodka, there is a noticeable lack of burn; this is the non-vodka drinker’s vodka!  It is amazingly sippable with a velvet feel and a slight aftertaste of almonds.  The unique hexagonal bottle is both regal and Russian-looking, setting it apart from other designer vodkas.  Produced from Russian winter wheat, it is distilled eight times and then blended with water from Lake Ladoga.  Next, the vodka is twice filtered through charcoal and finally filtered through quartz crystals from the Ural Mountains.  Imperia is one of the smoothest vodkas available making it the perfect antidote for the morning after an evening of heavy indulging.
For a touch of decadence, try the cocktail aptly named Lady of the Evening — a straight Imperia martini garnished
with a caviar-topped cucumber slice.  Imperia can be used with mixers, but the subtle sweetness is overshadowed this way.  Take it from pinkG, this exquisite vodka is best served straight and chilled, preferably paired with smoked fish or bilinis and caviar.  Or even to make and drink with ceviche!
Imperia: oh so imperial!

Imperia’s American launch party took place at the Statue of Liberty with plenty of celebs on hand.  But not limited to one coast, Imperia made a splash at Los Angeles Fashion Week 2008.


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