Harmony in Red

Blue? Green? Lavender and pink? “What are your colors?” is a question asked early and often. Color palette is the backbone of event design and that decision is one of the first you’ll make when designing your wedding. Paintings are an excellent starting point and the daring yet whimsical style of Matisse is a wonderful place to begin.

Henri Matisse is fittingly known as a master of color, breaking the established rules by utilizing a bold and striking palette to create his instantly-recognizable works of art. One of the best-known artists of the 20th century, Matisse upheld the classical traditions of the French beaux-arts while embracing styles ranging from Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism, all the while incorporating sensual colors that explode off the canvas. His goal of creating everlasting beauty can provide the basis for turning the blank canvas of a modest venue into your own masterpiece.

Consider his famed painting, Harmony in Red, with its cobalt blue florals adorning the brick red walls and tablecloth and its stunning accents of citrine greens and yellows; there is an unmistakable intensity resonating from this image that can be used as a springboard for a décor scheme. Set aside any apprehension about going this bold. Red is one of the most emotionally-charged hues in the spectrum and will evoke a passion and spirit that will complement the event. Adding contrasting blues, yellows, and greens throughout will insure that this color seamlessly shifts from Valentine’s Day memories to modish elegance.

Matisse’s use of vibrant palettes in all his works created a strong foundation for decorative art and can inspire the transformation of any venue, whether a raw loft space or a palatial ballroom. Use red linens to enhance the mood, or if that feels a bit too holiday, go with lush cobalt blue and bursts of yellow florals. Perhaps Sorrel tea as a colorful accent?  Primary colors used sparingly and strategically can bestow a luscious and wonderfully understated quality into the space.

So remember Matisse when contemplating a décor scheme; his willful, alluring, and decadent choices will create a magnificent backdrop for any event, from the simplest to the most elaborate affair.

More colorful thoughts……
Take a look at Harmony in Red to see if that dynamic color palette might work for you. And if you don’t have time to run to the art gallery right now, youtube can provide a quick journey through more of Matisse’s varied color schemes.


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