Grooms cake

Flowers? - check. Dress? - check. Shoes? - check. Groom - ? Let’s be honest for one itsy-bitsy minute - while the groom getting down on one knee started this whole process, once he stood back up it was your show. If that leaves him feeling a bit sour from the whole experience, at least consider sweetening him up with his very own cake! A groom’s cake is a sweet and touching custom that dates back to Victorian days. The unmarried women would take home a slice of the groom’s cake and place it under their pillows to help them dream of their own future husbands. It is a time-honored tradition that can easily be incorporated into any wedding (albeit without the sleeping bit - 500-count Egyptian cotton pillowcases don’t mix well with fondant.)

Cakes can be served either at the wedding reception or at the rehearsal dinner the evening before. If served at the reception, be sure to place his cake on a separate table apart from the wedding cake. Each cake deserves its own limelight.

Variety is the order of the day for the groom’s cake - chocolate, fruit, cheesecake, and red velvet are all the rage. But it’s not so much the taste as the cute, slightly gimmicky, maybe a bit tacky, but generally playful and irreverent approach to decorating it. In the midst of the very well orchestrated collection of colors, themes, and flowers that you’ve worked so fervently on, a cake themed after golf, fishing, or sports teams is a light-hearted way to create a non sequitur. But whatever you choose, keep it a secret. A surprise groom’s cake is a wonderful way to pay tribute to the man who has probably endured a lot during the wedding process and deserves his own special moment that he (and the guests) will always remember.

Make it cheeky, make it playful, but mostly make it all about him.


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