Groom’s Attire for a Beach Wedding

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Is there anything more special than a wedding by the sea? Coastal elegance, clean and sophisticated, all these factors help to create a beautiful and memorable backdrop. But the laid back charm of this type of wedding does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Your venue and location determine the degree of formality, but remember your taste can be reflected. Grooms take note, you can get away with a lot of styles when marrying by the sea.

A tuxedo would look out of place if marrying outdoors or on a beach, but if you want to go with a more

formal vibe consider pairing khakis with a nice, classic navy blazer. This is a preppy look, yes, but it is timeless and will never look dated in your photos. Choose trousers in shades ranging from cream to shale. A crisp white shirt and an understated tie (perhaps matching the color scheme of the bridesmaids dresses or wedding decor) all help to bring the look together. We are fans of Hermes ties (they can make a great gift as well). Another formal option that is again on the preppy side, but still chic, is the classic seersucker suit. Sure, it is a bit old fashioned, but really it is so Southern and quite charming. A wonderful choice for those marrying in the Northeast in the spring or summer. It brings a bit of Southern hospitality to the wedding. But remember this suit has a season. Never wear it before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. Trust us on this one.

If you are planning a bit more laid back, perhaps even having your ceremony right in the sand, why not pair linen trousers with a crisp white shirt? This look is also timeless, yet still chic. Shedding the jackets makes it seem less formal and very fun in spirit. Be sure to unbutton the top button of the shirt - that just screams beach! Or, if you are going for a really laid back vibe, stone-colored khaki shorts and a solid colored shirt can work as well. Remember comfortable, casual, and classic are the three things that should come to mind when planning a beach wedding.

Be aware of your surroundings. Look at the hues around you. Try to complement the beach setting, work with it. Above all, remember to take your cue from the bride. She and her bridal party will dictate the degree of style and the right color choices.


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  1. Tami November 14th, 2009

    Wow i love weddings, i want to do it again.

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