Got My Love Quotes Scarves to Keep Me Warm

Wrap yourself in love. Whether your goal is to keep warm or look cool, Love Quotes Scarves are a fantastic accessory.

Love Quotes Scarves are unique and inspirational, each bearing a quote about love embroidered on the tag. With quotes like the Indian proverb “Where love reigns, the impossible may be attained” and “It is love alone that gives worth to all things” by St. Teresa of Ávila, it is hard not to feel inspired every time it is donned. Having a bad day? Just read the sweet (and secret!) quote…it will make everything seem a little better.

One of those rare items that will actually enhance any outfit it’s paired with, Love Quote Scarves can keep you warm on a cool summer night, cut the chill of an autumn rain, and stylishly complement any winter outerwear. Incredibly soft with subtle fringe on the ends, its over-sized dimensions allow it to be worn in a variety of

ways. Wear it tied around the neck, or throw it over the shoulders for a chic and comfortable wrap. Soft and light, they are perfect year-round and for any occasion. These luscious creations help conquer the belief that scarves can only come out in winter. Who says one can’t wear a scarf in the summer…especially in a bright hue! They will not fade away with the trends either, for every woman needs a scarf to keep warm and look fashionable. A scarf around the neck is a dramatic way to accessorize.

Each scarf is made from an Italian linen blend, offering just the right amount of layering that it is thin enough for warmer climates but can still transition beautifully into the winter months. With charming shade names such as Cocoshell and Seaglass, it is hard to pick which color to own. Of course pinkG is partial to the wonderfully sweet Lotus Pink scarf. It looks great with a sun dress as well as a basic ribbed t-shirt and jeans. Wrapping up in one of these scarves not only spices up a cool night, but makes air-conditioning much more bearable. They are a wonderful way to remain warm yet refined on long air flights.

As if there is not enough to love about these scarves, 10% of all net profits are donated to International Children’s Charities. Therefore, never feel guilty by purchasing multiples… buying more than one is a socially conscious act. Why not give as gifts to those who are near and dear? With the inspirational messages and feel-good thoughts behind them, these scarves are sure to be appreciated as they are worn again and again.

Hard not to believe in love, right?

Tie one (or two) on……..
Take a glance at some of the fun combinations and color palettes. Lindsay Lohan and Melanie Brown are wrapped in Love.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixie and Ivy


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  1. Dynamite Weddings March 6th, 2009

    What a great idea! This would be a fantastic gift for bridesmaids! :)

  2. rae events March 9th, 2009

    ahhh, i love these!!! great color to!

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