Getting Ready - Groom Style!

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This one is for the guys.

Everyone hears about the bride getting ready in her extravagant suite surrounded by her mother, sister, and closest friends. The notions of the something old, something borrowed, and something blue. There are ceremonious aspects to the bride putting on her gown, her veil, and her accessories. Well, just because the male counterparts to this day do not have their own standard customs does not mean that they should be overlooked. In fact, this is the precise reason why they should create their own unique moments.

Sure, most guys can get fully dressed in five minutes flat – perhaps a bit longer if inexperienced with tying a bow tie – so it may seem that there is less ritual involved in this moment, but that’s not the case. There are actually some key moments that happen during this time. True male bonding occurs, for the guys often spend this time

doing activities that are part of their normal lifestyle. How fitting that they should be able to blow of some steam and relax.

These activities often include watching sporting events on television, swimming (if near a pool or beach), playing video games (yes, they still do that), or even playing a round of golf at a nearby course. It is okay that this time is playful and perhaps a bit childlike, so let them regress a bit. They are about to enter into something that is oh-so serious, so they deserve to have some fun.

Guys always enjoy eating and drinking together, and this occasion should be no different. While the bride and her attendants are usually forgoing food altogether or nibbling on tiny morsels, the groom and his friends are more likely off indulging in heavy, non-wedding foods like pizza, burgers, and of course hot dogs. And don’t forget the libations. There’s no better way to spend an early afternoon than hanging with the boys and sipping on a Coors Light or a nice neat whiskey.

Sharing stories, reminiscing, and some innocent horsing around are all part of the fun. This is a lively atmosphere which is more about male bonding than actual grooming. And that is okay. Brides, wouldn’t you want your guy relaxed and actually looking forward to the wedding? Then this is the perfect preparation.

This morning or afternoon of male togetherness is also the perfect time for the groom to give his groomsmen their gifts, so why not make it special and much more personal by actually putting thought into them? Remember, each groomsman does not need to get the same gift. In fact, varying them is another way to prolong the fun. Having each open their gift within the group atmosphere can further enhance the jovial mood. These guys were all chosen because they are stand-up guys who obviously go beyond certain bounds of friendship, so why not treat them to something unexpected and thoughtful…they deserve it.

So, if the groom and his boys like Scotch, give them all bottles of Laphroaig Single Islay Malt. With this purchase, one can register each groomsman for a lifetime lease on one square foot of land adjacent to the distillery in the town of Islay. Honestly, that is pretty cool and very special. Or maybe one of the guys is a true carnivore. Sign him up for a steak of the month club or treat him to a Wagyu Steak Adventure package from Lobel’s. Just make sure he has you over for grilling, since we all know that getting married does not mean ending boy’s night. Or give them all Hermès ties in the same color but different patterns. This is an ideal way to give something personal that will match the theme of the ceremony yet can be worn again and again after the big day.

This time is all about creating a jovial atmosphere where the mood is lighthearted and fun and where joking around is encouraged. This is a big moment and the impending rituals can seem a bit overwhelming, so keep it festive, relaxed, and full of laughter. Pre-wedding “guy time” with the boys is the perfect way for a groom to transition into the next chapter of his life.

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