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I was wandering through the airport newsstand store and decided on the November issue of “W” Magazine to occupy my time on a long flight. It features Brad Pitt behind the lens and that struck me as a bit comical. I expected to hate the photos, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was instantly mesmerized and slightly enamored by the images before me.

Photographing his partner and his children in an intimate setting could have been a recipe for disaster. Let’s face it, personal photos are hard to look at times even from your closest friends and family. So imagine looking at the personal photos of a high power and over photographed Hollywood couple. Could be cringe worthy, right? Well, what I saw surprised me and was quite the opposite of what I expected. The images ended up being captivating and an intimate and a loving view of his relationship with Jolie and their six (yes, six) children. I wanted to laugh the photos off as a publicity stunt, but instead, I found myself drawn to their beauty and feeling. Through the lens you can see how Pitt feels about his partner and their family. Surprisingly the emotion captured is love, and amazingly it does not appear phony.

Jolie looks stunning, relaxed, and happy, not something one sees in the various paparazzi shots of her with her children or walking the red carpet with Pitt. She appears to be enjoying the moment. Refreshing to see. Actually makes her look human and not untouchable. They are unlike any images the public has ever seen of her, even though she is probably one of the most photographed women of her time. These images give an appealing new take on Jolie. A glimpse at a side of her that is usually off limits to the public. The images of her with her children show a maternal side that is rarely seen. The most striking image is probably one of the simplest shots. It is just Jolie looking off with her hand on her chin, but it is as if you can read what is going on inside her head. She looks hauntingly beautiful and in love. The intimacy shown through the pages is intoxicating.

These are private photos allowing us to see a rare, more human side of this megawatt family. The grainy look of the photos gives them an almost ethereal feel, as though we are looking in on a very private and intimate moment between Pitt and Jolie. They are soft and full of expression. Sure, they are highly stylized, but I didn’t find that at all bothersome. The images do not focus on the designer clothing or the fantastic South of France location, those are merely background. Instead the focus is on the expressions of Jolie alone and with her children. The detail shots of her with her children are simple yet still full of grace. These images capture emotion, love, and beauty. They are enchanting. It makes it clear that their love is not just “for the cameras,” but is in fact real. What a wonderful surprise from what I had expected.



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