Escort Cards

As the swarm of well-dressed guests proceed to the reception venue, last cocktail in hand, there is only one thing that separates them from a festive evening…..

Where to sit.

Your escort table is the reception’s first focal point and a source of guidance for guests, instructing everyone where to go upon entering the main dining room. The cards can be playful and whimsical, elegant and sophisticated, or

simple and understated. It is the guests’ first glimpse to what is behind the closed doors or drapes of the tent, their first peek at what surprises may be in store for them.

Escort cards are normally displayed on a table adjacent to the entrance of the reception. Their purpose is to guide guests to their correct table number, an effective system of organization if you choose not to have formal seating, but still want people at assigned tables. Take note, a place card is slightly different from an escort card. Place cards are set out at the dinner table itself, showing each guest exactly in which chair to sit during the reception. These may be crucial if your dinner is catered to the exact guest. Escort cards on the other hand indicate a table, but not a seat.

Thematic styles abound. If the reception is in a vineyard, wine corks or mini bottles of wine can serve as card holders. Local seashells glued together and set in a sand-filled box can present the escort cards for a coastal wedding. Have sand dollars with the guests’ names written in calligraphy to show them the way. Is the reception evoking a nautical feel? In lieu of the traditional escort table, why not have a custom-built sailboat display the cards. Reflect the season with snowmen cards or mini May baskets. Reception venues can dictate how playful or how elegant you wish to get with the presentation. Escort tables are little wow factors and the possibilities are endless. Have fun and create something that accents the venue and the feel of the wedding.


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  1. Inspired Goodness December 18th, 2008

    Great post and great ideas. So many people overlook what a fun opportunity setting up escort cards can be.

    Another cute alternative for the mini bottles is the lovely Coppola champagne mini cans. The color is beautiful and paired with a cute straw, oh so fun.

  2. Su Ling December 18th, 2008

    WOnderful post. Glad I found your blog. Thanks for visiting laissezfaire! =)

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  4. Jennifer {Bridal Inquirer} March 25th, 2009

    YOU have been blogged!

    Thanks for sharing!!! xoxo, Jennifer

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