Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur

The rich, golden hue, packaged in a sleek bamboo-shaped glass bottle: utmost sophistication. Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur adds spice to any event.

Originally produced in Doumen, a district in China’s Guangdong province, it became popular with the French aristocracy during colonial Indochine. Today’s recipe is a luscious combination of a syrup of crystallized Vietnamese baby ginger, cognac, orange blossom honey, and hints of Tahitian vanilla. The conflicting flavors blend together to add a little punch to any cocktail. Hints of white pepper and the sweet aroma of ginger delight the senses.

Try the Indochine Tonic — 1 part Canton, 1 part vodka, topped with ice-cold tonic water, and served with a lemon wedge. A spritzer with an exotic flair, guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Or keep it simple and make a classic Ginger Martini using 2 parts Domaine de Canton and 2 parts vodka. Spice up the holiday season with a warm Gingerbread Apple Cocktail, or sip straight for a little nightcap. Need an easy summer dessert? Splash Canton over fresh sliced peaches and pineapple. Guests will adore!

The Chinese have long touted ginger as a cure for many ailments, so drink up. Canton won Best in Show for Liqueur at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Need we say more?

More sipping thoughts…….

The Domaine de Canton website has more wonderful ways to highlight their product. As autumn approaches you might want to fix a gingerbread apple cocktail . Can you hear the rustle of the leaves? Finally check out this light-hearted review of Canton, just for the fun of it.


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