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David Murray epitomizes fashionable wedding photojournalism. His work is iconic, classic, effortless, and refined. He anticipates, sees, and photographs moments that other photographers would miss in the blink of an eye. None of this is surprising given his background. He has over 20 years photography experience in local news, overseas press coverage, and fashion assignments for some of the biggest papers in the world.

If David Murray’s photography career was turned into a screenplay it might start with an inauspicious beginning, much like “Good Will Hunting.” The opening scene, shot in the stands of a Florida baseball game, would feature an outgoing 20-year-old who is seen chatting up a seasoned photojournalist. They hit it off. Instantly enamored, David

begins working as a lab technician. He would move to the Sun Sentinel where he worked full time in the lab and shot assignments on his own. It would follow David’s rise in prominence as he photographs stories as diverse as fashion week to shooting in Haiti covering atrocities committed by the military junta. It would show his images being distributed across the globe. There would be other high points as David is a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and as his photograph of Jean- Bertrand Aristide returning to power in Haiti graced the front of the New York Times in 1994. The epilogue would bring his wedding photography career into focus as he applies his skills to destinations as diverse as The Four Seasons in Nevis and Cap Juluca in Anguilla . It would highlight David once again proving himself during an island wedding off the coast of Maine when an extreme storm rendered the entire island without power. Unfazed David continued working and photographed strictly by candlelight. And who could forget the moment the story jumps forward 6 months to show his studio traveling to Venice, Italy to photograph the first and only wedding in the world famous Teatro La Fenice. In short, it would be one heck of a story.

With a background as diverse and deep as David’s, his work is both incredibly consistent and subtle. When he leaves his studio to shoot, David looks back to the timeless images of universally recognized greats Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Benson. It is this sense of elongated, languid, and sophisticated beauty that dominates David’s distinctive and singular work. His awareness of the reality of the scene that is unfolding before him and his appreciation of it in the larger context are hallmarks of his successful wedding photography career. It is no surprise that he placed fifth in the world in 2007 in the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

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  1. megan December 21st, 2008

    this guys is AMAZING!! Thanks for the awesome wedding photography porn! :)

  2. Asma January 2nd, 2009

    how amazing .. awesome photography … I wish you were here in Pakistan :)

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