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Wine glasses are important in any well-stocked and well-equipped bar, a must for those who enjoy good wine. They are also a perfect gift to give and receive. There are many choices out there, so where to start? Some are created purely for style, not substance, so be careful when choosing. Look for glasses that are of thin, clear glass, steering away from those colored or decorative designs! Wine should be appreciated, so don’t hide it behind paint or decals. When in doubt, invest in glasses that are really about the wine, glasses that will enhance the drinking experience.

For those who want the very best, look to Riedel. Simply the winner in the field! Claus Riedel was the inventor of the

functional wine glass, glasses deliberately designed in a shape to complement the character of the individual wine. Riedel was the first to recognize how the shape of a glass can dramatically affect a wine’s bouquet and flavor. With over 250 years of experience, each glass is a journey of the senses.

The Vinum Classic is the most popular series of Riedel glasses. Consider the Chardonnay, Bordeaux, and Champagne varieties. The large, deep bowls of the Bordeaux provide just the right amount of space to expose the wine to air, especially when swirled. Aromas are directed to the nose, and the notes are enhanced. Combining quality with function, they are classy all the way.

The most luxurious of all is the Riedel Sommeliers wine glass collection, the benchmark against which all other glasses are measured. Crafted from 24% lead crystal, the upper bowls of the glasses are blown into a mold customized to concentrate the wine’s aromas, making them the most revered of all handmade glasses.

Riedel’s “O” line is the trendy version of these classic glasses. The design is the same as the shapes of the Vinum but they are stemless and they look magnificent at a dinner party. Unexpected and quite fun, these are perfect for the younger, more casual drinkers as they convey a certain funkiness.

Riedel glasses really do make a difference in the consumption and appreciation of wine. The true quality comes out, allowing the drinker to discover the rich innate character of each wine…..not to mention that they look elegant. Just be sure to treat these glasses with love. If storing them in kitchen cabinets, make sure they are dusted and free of any musty odors, since wine glasses can take on these scents. Do not store the glasses upside down, as this will trap odors. Try to season the glasses as well, meaning to put a bit of wine in the glass, swirl, then dump it before pouring a full serving. This helps rid them of any residue and combats unwanted scents.

So go ahead and invest in these gems. They are perfect for those who love wine, or those you want to learn how to appreciate the depth of each varietal.

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