Casa Don Q - Destileria Serrallés

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Mi casa es su casa……and then there is Casa Don Q! Located across from Pier 1 on Marina Street, Casa Don Q (short for Don Quixote) welcomes you to learn the history and lore of the Serrallés family, producers of premium Puerto Rican rum since 1865. The tour takes you through over 200 years of rum making history and the magic that turns

sugar cane into fine liquor, Don Q Cristal. Don Q Limon, Don Q Gold, and Don Q Anejo to name a few. Open 6 days a week, there is ample opportunity to drop by as you enjoy Old San Juan. No windmills here, rather gracious hosts offering complimentary samples at the end of the tour! Que Bueno!


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  1. Events by Evonne February 27th, 2009

    What a cool shot! Looks like they are very well-stocked!

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