Biscotti di Vecchio

Have you found that certain foods taste better if you know the source? Poland Springwater from Maine? Oysters from Spring Point? Chocolates from Belgium? Us, too. Might it have to do with the images we conjure in addition to what our taste buds report?

Well the French emphatically say “No!” They built their entire wine industry behind the idea of Terroir (that untranslatable idea that vineyard location makes all the difference). They went so far as to make legal distinctions for regions. So there is one strong vote that it’s not all in your head. But if that isn’t enough for you, we offer another case of knowing and tasting the difference….Biscotti di Vecchio.

We think Biscotti di Vecchio is the best biscotti we ever had and we would say that even if we didn’t know Danielle

Di Vecchio’s story! Her lovingly handmade biscotti is crunchy without being brittle, is spicy and sweet, and works as well with a cup of coffee as it does with a steaming cup of tomato soup. It is THE biscotti we’ve wanted all our life. And then there are the flavors….

Here are a few highlights:

Cayenne Cherry Chocolate Chunk - Our Favorite

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut - Delectable!

Black Pepper Asiago Parmesan - Succulent

It is holiday time so Danielle is running specials and sending out orders left, right, and sideways. So hurry. Her handmade production can only go so far.

Which brings us back to the beginning. Yes, it is the best biscotti we’ve ever tasted. And that is enough. But add to that.. it’s her own personal recipe that she has adapted over the years from her grandmother’s recipe. She’s toiled and worked and reworked the recipe to get it just right. It is more a family heirloom that she is sharing with us than the “biscotti in a bag” that you find elsewhere. She may be able to put such effort into her gift because being “Queen of Biscotti” isn’t her only love. Danielle’s other love is acting, starring as Tony Soprano’s sister on “The Sopranos”, and appearing opposite Peter Stormare in “Prison Break.” Obviously a woman of many and varied talents! Now tell us, won’t that make her handmade biscotti taste a little sweeter and that much more fun to serve?

If you would like to incorporate Biscotti di Vecchio into your wedding plans or bridal shower, it can be served at many points throughout your event. Serve it with soup for an appetizer, as an intermezzo course, with coffee at dessert, or on a dessert station.

Heck we’d love to see a biscotti built cake. If you build one of those Danielle, we’ll definitely stop by to photograph it!

Read Writing with my mouth Full or just order!…Biscotti di Vecchio.


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  1. Marci December 16th, 2008

    These look - and sound - delicious! Thanks for the idea!

  2. mollie December 21st, 2008

    Absolutely! These biscotti are the best I’ve ever tasted. The personal touch makes them a beautiful gift to give for almost any occasion. They are my go -to for holidays, thank you gifts, dinner parties, anything.

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