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Orchids, calla lilies, roses, peonies, anemones, or possibly a combination of several - in florist terms “your personal flowers.” This very individual accent will be noticed by all as you walk down the aisle and will be captured forever in wedding photographs.

So how does one choose which blooms are best? Try to work within the confines of personal stature and the chosen dress. If the dress is a simple silk sheath, why not carry one single stem tied with a delicate ribbon

matching the attendants’ dresses? A cascade bouquet would be lovely with a ball gown. A waterfall bouquet is very regal and fitting for a traditional formal affair. Petite girls might want to consider a nosegay. Nosegays are small, round clusters of flowers cut to a uniform length. Most nosegays are made with one central flower or color, and are usually wrapped tightly with some type of fabric. Important tip – at the first dress fitting, collect some scraps of discarded fabric from the gown. Give them to the florist and let him or her work their magic.

A recent trend is the idea of adding crystals, beads, and pearls to the bouquet. Talk about a lot going on… be careful of too many bells and whistles. While this may work for some styles, why not think outside the box and consider using an antique brooch or family rosary beads. Both could be stunning. Having a vintage themed wedding? Treat your bouquet like another piece of amazing costume jewelry. A bouquet should not take away from the gown or the woman wearing it; rather, it should be a subtle extension of your inherent style.

Style and substance are the focus. Small bouquets can be just as lovely as massive ones. And keep in mind that the bouquet does not have to match your décor. It is meant to showcase you as an individual and how you choose to represent yourself on the most personal of levels.


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  1. Heidi@TrulyEngaging March 16th, 2009

    Gorgeous bouquet… i love the simple, elegant bouquets with a beautiful wrap. You always have such helpful posts!

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