Beer Cocktails - An Unassuming Choice

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Signature cocktails can be found at practically every wedding these days. Passed martinis, mojitos, Champagne cocktails…you name it, it has been done. If those choices feel a bit clichéd, consider offering the unexpected, taking a libation most commonly associated with backyard barbeques and elevating it a bit. And what is this chic, unpredictable alternative? Well, beer of course.

This is not the average beer out of the bottle, though that is okay too, but rather tasty cocktails made from beer. Yes, they exist. Serving guests a cocktail made from beer is memorable and will take everyone by surprise. It is really a wonderfully unassuming choice.

For something a bit rich and decadent, serve Guinness Floats. Resembling a high-end root beer float, they are made with creamy and delicious Guinness as the base. The only ingredients needed are a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a pint of Guinness, and whipped cream for garnish. Simple, easy, and oh-so tasty. Perfect for a whimsical outdoor wedding by the coast. Guests will feel like kids again, and will be instantly impressed by the playful nature of the drink.

Another wonderful selection for a wedding in the summer months is a Lager and Lemon-Limeade. This is a perfect drink to serve prior to an outdoor ceremony. Under the harsh summer sun, this drink is instantly cooling, very refreshing, and low in alcohol. To make this drink combine 3/4 cup lager, 3/4 cup lemonade, and 3 tablespoons of sweetened lime juice. Serve in a tall glass filled with ice, and garnish with a lime wedge. So refreshing that one may not be enough.

Beer margaritas are another option. This drink can be served year round, for margaritas are wonderful throughout the seasons! Corona is an excellent choice for this recipe. Just mix the beer with a shot of tequila and frozen limeade concentrate. Rim the glass with sea salt, and serve. Icy cool, so easy to make, and very satisfying.

Other drinks that bring an atypical twist to the reception are the Beer Bloody Mary, in which beer replaces the vodka. This is a great choice for brunch receptions. The Black Velvet is another wonderfully elegant choice and very unexpected as well. Just mix a stout beer with Champagne. It works beautifully in the colder months. And then there is the famous “Broadway” cocktail, quite popular in Tokyo. Simply mix cola with beer, and there you have it. That would be a fun drink to have on hand just to play with your guests’ imaginations a bit.

Any way you look at it, beer cocktails will be an instant success. Guests will be thrilled by their unexpectedness and will definitely be willing to try them out. All look spectacular passed around on trays and will inspire guests to want to recreate them at home. And don’t forget that, above all, they are pretty tasty. Forgo the martinis and serve beer.

You might want to start taste testing now, so experiment with a few “recipes” (which include ideas for pairings!) and then consider a few thoughts from the UK.


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