Ballerina Gown

Is there anything more visually stunning than an evening at the ballet? Well…probably, but in terms of fashion it is hard to top ballet’s distinctive style. The Ballerina Gown silhouette has a fitted waist and a classic full skirt.  What makes this style unique is its length, for it stops mid-calf.

Think Swan Lake, Giselle, or La Bayadere, classic and romantic ballets with magnificent costuming. This gown draws inspiration right from the stage. Gowns of this shape are often made from sumptuous fabrics such as

tulle (think tutus) and silk. Some gowns have as many as 13 layers of fabric covering a tulle petticoat. Now, that is a full skirt! Beading, sequins, or crystals can further develop the look. This is a grand style for those who want to feel girly, but in a sophisticated and sweet way.

This is a look for a classic City-Hall style affair. Let images of chic Audrey Hepburn dance through your head! Or think of Suzanne Farrell, Balanchine’s muse, or Margot Fonteyn or Anna Pavlova as sources of inspiration. Just look at the costumes and see the grace. Accent this unexpected, feminine style with a pair of Christian Louboutins, and why not in a pale pink color, reminiscent of pointe shoes. Add a simple ballerina bun hairstyle and a sweet blusher as a veil, what could be more lovely!

Dance the night away…….

Get a sense of what this length would do for you…here and here.  Whether you fancy Anna Pavlova or Margot Fonteyn (this one has video!), we all have a touch of ballerina in us.

Photo credit: Lazaro


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  1. Heidi@TrulyEngaging February 2nd, 2009

    Incredibly lovely! Anytime I hear Audrey Hepburn… I’m listening. All things feminine.

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