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Ball Gowns are probably the most popular style of wedding gowns. At some point in her childhood every little girl has fantasies of a magnificent ball gown with a sweeping train. Princess Diana ring a bell? This style of gown was first made popular in 1840 at Queen Victoria’s royal wedding.  Need we say more?

A ball gown is the most formal of all female fashions. It has a small waist with a voluminous skirt and layers of fabric underneath. Every ball gown has a form of a tulle petticoat to help give it the volume it needs. Decollete necklines and long sweeping skirts are common. but choices abound. A sweetheart neckline plays up an ample bust line while a simple scoop neck works well for many figures. Cap sleeves or strapless are also popular.  This gown works well for a winter wedding, but the layers of fabric may not be ideal for a summer event. How chic would this style be with a faux fur wrap?

Ball gowns work best in black tie or very formal settings. A bit out of place on the beach or in a backyard, it is meant for a large Cathedral wedding with a sweeping veil or on a huge sprawling estate. Everyone anticipates this style, so feathers, crystals, or re-embroidered lace can set a gown apart if you wish. Or use a playful sash tied with an antique brooch to highlight the waist. Be sure to have a hairstyle that can match the gown, we adore up-dos when playing with this much volume. Keep the jewelry minimal, it is really all about the gown with this style.The dress commands attention, so try not to detract from it.

We especially love this style when made from elegant and rich textures such as silk organza or accented with pleats, ruffles, and other such playful textures and styles. Oscar de la Renta is a must when looking for amazing yet different ball gowns.

Some day my prince will come….
View an Oscar de la Renta ball gown or two.


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