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We are enamored of Alice Temperley’s fun, flirty frocks for party attire, so naturally when her bridal collection debuted we were beside ourselves. Offering timeless romanticism and enduring elegance, this bridal collection is exquisite. Her whimsical creations have a sophistication and grace that stand her well among more seasoned designers.

Temperley launched her fashion line in 2000 and today is one of Britain’s most sought after designers. Due

to her loyal following, her transition into the bridal market was seamless. Fresh, romantic, and modern, she combines the past with the youthful sensibilities of today. These gowns are perfect for a bride who is sweetly adorable, yet chic and sophisticated. A woman who has an edge, but still some of that girlish nature.

Temperley grew up enamored of textiles and it is richly evident in her designs; she adores fabric itself and knows how to use it. Her intricate fabric manipulation and attention to surface structure is stunning. Design elements include delicate hand-worked beading, lavish embroideries, and the use of fine laces. Young, hip brides will adore these creations which are more like decadent evening gowns, perfect for those with long and lean silhouettes.

Not built upon what is current or trendy, this collection consists of timeless pieces that lend a soft feeling to the wedding day. It is easy to fall through the looking glass when viewing these gowns for they are dresses with lasting beauty. But don’t stop there. Keep her signature embellished party frocks in mind for your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bachelorette party. The possibilities are endless!

Maybe a frock for a Mad Tea Party…..
Alice Temperly’ s website is a wonderland to explore.

Photo Credit: Alice Temperley


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