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Provocative For Sure!

The definition of an “agent provocateur” is a person employed by the police to work undercover and provoke another person to commit an illicit act. How cheeky! Knowing this, what a wonderfully unique and thought-provoking moniker it is for a lingerie line. Pink Galoshes is not implying that the wearing of this lingerie will result in illegal activities, but it is still part of the thrill and allure of it. The hidden beauty of what is underneath, that is all that matters.

Sensuality redefined. This renowned UK lingerie shop has made quite a splash in the United States. Founded by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees, Agent Provocateur hoped to introduce a line of lingerie that avoided the rational British prudery that deems anything sexy as sleazy. With this goal in mind, a high-quality line able to enchant wearers and their partners was born. From sophisticated lace bras to

exotic corsets, everyone will find something suitable to slip into.

Walking into the shop, one instantly feels sexy. The black and pink refined bordello look is totally chic and makes you want to purchase something straight away. Slip into one of the robes they issue and try on different styles of knickers, garters, bras, and stockings. Every piece is hand-selected and brought to you, so designing a personal look is easy. Oh, and the sexy lighting in the store…let’s just say you’ll look as good as you feel.

The Love Line is created from beautiful French lace with subtle ribbon detail. Make sure to try on the matching lace knickers. The subtle sweetness of the ribbon bow, coupled with the sheer lace, is ever so sweet while insanely sexy. A secret underneath your day clothes.

Celebrate the slight eroticism of it all – but in a classy way. No smut here. There is a direct relationship between the piece of lingerie a woman selects and how she wears it. Whether one feels an emotional pull towards the purple vs. the baby pink, the leather vs. the lace, there is literally something perfect for everyone. Oh, the choices.

Even their bridal line pushes the boundaries. In promotional materials, the line asks customers to define what marriage means to them, recommending they consider going against the norm and not feel guilty about wanting to be sexy. And do not forget the accessories. Black arm-length gloves, fuzzy slippers with a piercing stiletto heel, garter belts, tassels, and a host of other unmentionables all can help to fulfill fantasies. Be sure to pick up some of their bubble bath and silky soap. Complete the bedroom with one of their signature candles, Strip votive or the Tease, perhaps? Scrumptious indeed.

Turn the lights down low and prepare to impress……..


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  1. Dynamite Weddings October 15th, 2009

    Love their line! These would make great items for a boudoir shoot too!!

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