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Gavin Roberts

Have you noticed we are a little obsessed with chefs at pinkG?

Any blog that keeps such close lines of communication with chefs who routinely work in Relais & Châteaux properties, 5 star American restaurants (there are only 17 in the US) and hot up and coming NYC chefs can only be described as obsessed. Part of our obsession must be related to John having spent a decade in the food industry (3 four diamonds, 1 five diamond and three years at a five-star). You don’t spend that much time surrounded by over-sized kitchen aids, foamers, smokers, and yards and yards of stainless steel without it leaving a lasting impression. But we’d like to believe it’s slightly more than a lasting affinity for sweetbreads, foie gras, creme brulee, or smoked tomato soups that keeps us coming back for more.

At the end of the day you must serve your guests, and their affinities and expectations will drive your choices. Food is nearly inexhaustibly flexible and even someone obsessing over food for decades can still find the unexpected and novel. How much more relevant is it to play with your guests expectations, to court them with small courses and with food that challenges their expectations, however modest or outlandish they be? We find in the best chefs a manifestation of what we are ultimately trying to accomplish at pinkG. Namely to fill your head with ideas, to show you how something you once thought you knew can indeed be new again, and to satisfy your curiosity, but not so much so that you won’t be coming back for more.

With that cleared up, please meet one of our closest culinary guides.

Gavin Roberts is a tour de force in the kitchen and it is all a product of experience. Three years at the Grand Roche, South Africa required him to produce 3 new dishes a day, eliciting a high degree of improvisation and an ability to build meals quite literally from the ground up. This needs to be stated again. Everyday, for three years, he was required to produce 3 new recipes that would be put into service a mere 4 hours later at a restaurant that regularly ranks in the top 50 in the world. Really that should be enough said. But there is more. He spent a year and a half at The White Barn Inn in coastal Kennebunk, Maine, one of the top 17 restaurants in the entire United States according to the prestigious Mobil Five-Star awards. His food is grounded in classic French cuisine, but improvisational and playful with new world touches. Gavin is a prominent figure here at pinkG, and his advice should be well heeded.


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What we are all about…

Pink Galoshes is not your typical blog. pinkG is a web-space that connects the most discerning brides with the hippest advice on all aspects of their wedding planning. pinkG is densely packed with savvy and discerning critiques of topics as diverse as types of tequila to ideas on incorporating famous artist’s color palettes. pinkG unites brides with fashion designers, chefs, graphic designers, and artists both inside and outside the wedding industry. Far more than individual critiques, Pink Galoshes weaves these disparate narratives into a cohesive whole that sheds light on the thematic and inspirational process of planning. Pink Galoshes encourages multiple ways to access and peruse our rich content. If you are looking for wedding day help, click directly to our “pinkG recommends” link. There you will find that we have chosen only our closest friends and those we most admire. It is a circle of trust with you at the center. In short, these are the people and artists that we would and do trust with our own special events.

If you are looking for information about a specific item (e.g. Elderflower liqueur, anemones, or hand-rolled cigars), go directly to our page of broad topics and narrow down accordingly. Or better yet, click on any tidbit review and see how an item as obscure as Black Sea Salt can be integrated in a way that ties a margarita station to scallops and ultimately to a table decoration. Pink Galoshes is principally a place for stylized and sophisticated inspiration.

Pink Galoshes is not bound by industry rules, social norms, or any other silly concerns. Instead, Pink Galoshes is the only place to find such a wealth of ideas that can be integrated into your wedding in a way that conveys significance and a general joie de vivre. To this end, we don’t think anyone will ever implement all the ideas in the way we propose, but we write about them in the hopes that these sometimes outlandish ideas will free your imagination to think about weddings in radical new ways. Browse. Imagine. Enjoy!


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Wedding Blog List

Yup.  Here it is.  In alphabetical order.  Our largest list of wedding blogs.  Its growing by the day.  If after you have checked out all these blogs you can’t find what you’re searching for, it probably doesn’t exist.

And now…..(small drum roll)…….here they are in all their glory!

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